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Frequently Asked Questions

Vitamin C Serum + Booster

What if my Vitamin C Serum changes in color or I notice a slight smell over time?

Not to worry, this is normal. You may notice that your serum goes from pale yellow to deeper orange or that overtime, there are shifts in smell common for high concentrations of Vitamin C. The Loud Skin Booster provides 10% pure Vitamin C, a safe level of this potent and wildly effective ingredient.

To avoid such shifts, we suggest adding the booster to activate the serum only when you want to start using it. Avoid adding the booster but not using the serum for long periods of time.

Store the activated serum in a dry, cool, dark place, but please avoid the refrigerator. Please also note that our ingredients perform best when used fresh. Do try to finish the full serum bottle within 45 days of activating it.

Don’t be afraid to use our products generously and on the face, neck and body, wherever your skin would love a little extra TLC! For any concerns or questions, never hesitate to reach out to us via email! We’re here to help.

Why should I use the Vitamin C Booster?

So, fun fact: When pure Vitamin C comes in contact with air/heat/light, it reacts, causing it to change color from transparent to yellow. This means the potency reduces with time.

Now, what’s great about this serum is that the Vitamin C comes in a separate sachet and it only gets activated when you mix the booster with the serum.

This means when you buy the serum, you get the most potent and effective form of Vitamin C, and you get to decide when to activate it based on your convenience.

What does Vitamin C do for my skin?

The best time to deal with visible signs of aging is before they occur.

A good Vitamin C serum is preventative, helping boost collagen formation.

Can I pair the Vitamin C Serum with other actives?

You should not pair this serum with retinol or higher concentrations of glycolic acid or other AHAs. If they are part of your skincare routine, these actives can be used at night while the Vitamin C serum is used in morning routines.

Only do this if your skin is already very used to these potent ingredients and can handle Vitamin C on top of them.

Most other actives can be paired with this Vitamin C Serum. As a thumb rule, actives which are very strong, can peel or dry out the skin a lot should not be used together with this serum.

Why do I feel a mild tingling sensation when applying the Loud Skin Vitamin C Serum for the first time?

Skin feeling a little tingly? Don’t stress, it’s part of the process! You may experience a slight zing causing your skin to feel more sensitive. Our advice is to use it in smaller doses spread across the week, for maximum and safe results.

Is it ok to use it without sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a must to use every day, with or without the Loud Skin Vitamin C serum.

Having vitamin C in your skincare routine adds that extra effort towards reducing sun damage. The Loud Skin Vitamin C serum doesn't replace sunscreen.

That being said, using vitamin C doesn't increase the requirement of sunscreen.

When do I start seeing results?

This serum offers many benefits such as hydration, controlling dark spots, even skin tone etc. You will see each of these benefits with consistent use but at different times.

Hydrated and fresh skin can be observed within a week while reduction in pigmentation and acne can take a few months of consistent use.

Being regular with your skincare and your daily habits can have the maximum impact on the quality of your skin

How many times in a day can I use it?

You can use it upto twice a day. If using Vitamin C in your skincare for the first time, start with once a day and build upto two times over 2 weeks.

Please apply after cleansing your face and follow with moisturizer/sunscreen.

Can I get a bigger bottle?

As of now, we only sell one size. This bottle is enough to use for ~40 days and keeps the activated vitamin c fresh for that period.

In the future, we will be launching packs with more bottles, but until then please purchase more boxes at the same time. Keep the boxes you are not using stored in a dark cool place, and only add the booster sachet when the previous serum bottle is used up and you are ready to start the new one

Are Loud Skin products vegan?

Our beauty ecosystem is rooted in sustainability through and through -- in fact, it was and will continue to be at the forefront of our internal formulation and production conversations. That said, our products are 100% vegan as they do not contain animal or animal-derived ingredients.

Are all your products cruelty free?

Conscious beauty in its fullest transparency is what we’re all about! We are committed to cruelty-free practices in all stages of development and supply. We have never and will never test our ingredients nor products on animals. Moreover, we assure you that our suppliers respect and follow the same ethical standards as we do ourselves.

Orders + Shipping

Where does Loud Skin ship?

We provide free shipping for all orders pan India.

Can I pre-order a product which is out of stock?

At this time, we do not offer a pre-order function, however we are working on this for the near future. In the meantime, stay in the know on all indē wild news and updates by joining our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

We’re excited for you to use our products! As our products are best when used fresh, we aim to get them in your hands as quickly as we can. We ship the following business day and you can expect a delivery anywhere between 2 to 5 business days based on your location.

For additional inquiries, please contact us at

How do I track my order

Share daOnce you’ve placed your order, you will receive an email with tracking information.

This information will show you details of when your order is picked up with an estimated date of delivery as well.etails about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.

How do I make changes to my order

We understand that sometimes in the excitement of ordering something new, changes may be necessary. Not to worry – within 12 hours of your order, please email us at

After 12 hours, we cannot guarantee that the order has not already been fulfilled and shipped, thereby making the change impossible.

I ordered by mistake, how do I cancel my order?

Not to worry – within 12 hours of your order, please email at

The sooner we know, the better as after such time, we cannot guarantee that the order has not already been fulfilled and shipped, thereby making the change impossible and fees could be incurred.

Returns and Exchanges

Can I return or exchange a Loud Skin product?

Each complexion and skin concern is unique and special and returns / exchanges for reasons of general dissatisfaction or for reasons of pre existing skin conditions cannot be offered.

Return / exchange of product due to reasons including personal dislike of the product; dislike of the fragrance; dislike of colour is also not applicable. 

That said, if you have specific feedback for us after opening our products, please let us know as we are happy to find a solution together. The best way to reach our team is via email at

What if I received a damaged product?

While our shipping partners work hard to carefully package and ship orders, things can happen while in transit. If you notice any abnormalities, such as to our glass bottles, please refrain from using the product and contact us immediately at with a photo of the damage(s).


How can I leave a review of Loud Skin products or the website experience?

We welcome your feedback as it only helps us serve you, our community, better! Please email us at with your thoughts, questions, and/or concerns… we want to hear it all!

How can I join or leave your mailing list?

We hope you’ll stay in touch! You’ll see an option to join our mailing list at the bottom of this page. To leave our mailing list, simply hit ‘unsubscribe’ towards the bottom of the last email you received from us.


Which payment methods are accepted?

You can pay for your purchases via all payment methods supported by our partner Razorpay.

These payment methods include UPI, Rupay/Debit/Credit cards, paytm, netbanking and more.

Is COD available?

At this point, we do not offer COD for orders placed on this website. Our products can also be purchased on amazon where COD is available.

Is GST included in the price of the products?

Yes, our products are liable to and inclusive of GST


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